Silvia Serenari

Silvia Serener 1974 lives and works in Livorno. At the age of twenty she began a path of artistic and spiritual research that led her to attend various meditation centers and to enroll in the Faculty of Philosophy of Pisa. In 2000 he moved to Rome and, in parallel with his artistic research and studies, he began to work permanently with a theater company, taking care, as well as of the sets and costumes, of the organizational part and occasionally of performances on the stage. For 3 years he has worked in prestigious theaters such as: Argentina and Vascello in Rome, Caio Melisso di Spoleto, “Degli Avvaloranti” in the city of the Pieve.

In 2008 his first major personal exhibition was held: “Anima Urbis, Iter Perfectionis” in the Dora Diamanti contemporary art gallery in Rome. Following personal and collective exhibitions in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad, among which we remember: The Civic Museum of Chiusa, the Must, museum of the territory of Vimercate, the Palazzo dei Priori of Viterbo, the Pietro Canonica Museum of Rome, the Palais-Royal Station in Paris, the Kamalnayanan bajaj Art Gallery in Mumbay, the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome.

She was a finalist at the: Terna 01 award, at the Gemine Muse, at the Combat Award and, selected with video works, in various editions of the Musae award.