By Alberto Rigoni

Elisa Cella comes from in-depth mathematics studies and imagined, up to that “certain point in her life”, to dedicate mind and soul to that discipline. There exist entire worlds of investigation governed by well-defined rules – each their own – in which, however, creativity plays a decisive role.

The great mathematicians, in addition to an obsessive tenacity, all have a good reserve of creativity, which they use in the context of a code to find solutions. It is not strange, on the contrary it seems a natural “side effect” of this research, that Cella immediately produced, in parallel to letters and numbers, the circles of various sizes and apparently perfect – even if they are not really, because they are handmade .

These are not the sketches of those who live on the other, nor the scribbles, however valuable, of those who are thoughtless: they already appear from a first observation as the most obvious manual complement of those who already work in a modus operandi in which arrangement and creation are inseparable