Europa Anni ‘70: un “pensiero” analitico

BRESCIA | E3 arte contemporanea | 17 gennaio – 3 marzo 2015


An exhibition concentrated in the number of pieces, but with a punctual selection of names and works that look to the great and articulated “analytical” season that has characterized that common and shared feeling – having made the necessary specific considerations on the individuality of the results – which, in different countries, he directed the gaze of many artists on a meticulous recognition of what Painting was and represented.

In the two rooms of the Brescia area, the names of some artists meet who, between Italy, France and Germany, have made a decisive contribution to that rigorous gaze that has crossed the idea and the very constituents of painting: Riccardo’s paintings welcome us Guarneri (1933) in which the chromatic sign asserts itself latent in the folds of a bright and lit light, between disappearance and apparition its sign claims a desire for clarity and clarity. Close to this sensitivity we observe the works of Gianfranco Zappettini (1939) who, with two pieces that offer his desire for anonymous absoluteness, bring attention back to a color that becomes process and movement, absorbing in its imprint the energetic expression of a gesture no longer indispensable to transcribe the character of the artist.

These examples, traces of research that have been articulated over decades, identifying a common root in a feeling that has crossed, in various capacities, the whole of Europe bring the attention of those who observe them not only to the “pictorial” object or on its executive modalities, and not even limited to the principle of their manifestation, but on the same way of thinking about Painting.

Opere anni 70

Pensiero analitico europeo

Work of: Paolo Cotani, Noël Dolla, Winfred Gaul, Riccardo Guarneri, Edgar Hofschen, Vivien Isnard, Carmen Gloria Morales, Gottardo Ortelli, Claude Viallat, Gianfranco Zappettini

Matteo Galbiati