October 2016

Art today seems to oscillate between the structural and the architectural,  between forms that are mainly material that express their elementary presence and those constructed from sophisticated immateriality, made up of fields of energy and of light, of complex logical programs translated into visual structures.  All forms of art and sculpture, as a means of perception, to analyze and to become familiar with the world in which the artist himself lives, have always moved at the same pace and are therefore coherent. As such, refined technology distinguishes our age as one of artistic research of a technical and experimental type, such as through light installations. 

THREE KINDS OF LIGHT through its constructions, with its strong roots in reality, proposes a reflection in visual perception.  It’s constructive brightness that removes the illusion of man that is induced to live in a universe in which the margin between the artist and the project  confirm awe in the experience that can liberate anxiety.  The wonder that comes from the immagination of this experiment gives comfort to the artist.   

The emergence of new perceptual spaces in the making of art such as that of Myoda, Petrucci and Jonquil, also implies new ways of viewing and learning about the world – these being actualized in the forms that create and inform through visual practice – which isn’t limited by sensorial or cognitive aspects but involves a deeper level of understanding of the constructive and substantial aspects of art creation.

 THREE KINDS OF LIGHT repreposes the fine intertwining between “installation” and “lighting” through an exceptional cosmotheandric concept of the three chosen artists. 

by Gabriele Perretta