Claudio Orlandi

Fragili equilibri

11.05.24 | 18 .07.24

catalog texts by Barbara Martusciello and Alessia Locatelli

E3 Arte Contemporanea gallery is pleased to announce the next solo exhibition of Claudio Orlandi, the exhibition will consist of around 30 works from the Presena, Stelvio, Rhone, Diavolezza, Zugspitze, Rhonegletscher and Stubai glaciers.
Claudio Orlandi’s visual story is thoughtful, imbued with poetry, the artistic interpretation of each shot of him gives a sensorial experience of great emotional impact.
Over several years, Claudio Orlandi has captured images of the archetypal landscape of glaciers which in summer are protected by thermal covers, essential to prevent part of the damage caused by the climate crisis.

The show only from May 11th will be open until July 18th.
His research can rightly be considered as a partial but emblematic mapping of the vastness and heterogeneity of the natural mountain territory, varied in material mix, colour, geometry and composition and a personal investigation relating to the climate changes that are transforming and making it more fragile. environment and landscape. The character of this extensive work, however, is not documentary, it eschews the narrative and didactic tone but is related to symbolic areas and the language of art: not surprisingly, it confuses common perception, leaving only some clues to the representation eloquent. Thus, one can admire surfaces that appear to be captivating abstractions, silent timeless compositions, between impressive slopes and transitory arrangements, and above all marble drapery of extreme emotional drama that appear to be large installations, living matter, like restitutions of sculptural volumes.
What emerges most of all from these photographs, however, is the magnificence of a landscape which, although scarred and in the balance, maintains intact its beauty, its primordial memory and that universal and almost cosmic value which is inexplicable but clear even underneath. sacelli geotextile sheets and that only images and art can show.

Claudio Orlandi was born in Rome, where he lives and works, traveling for over fifteen years to reach the landscapes to photograph in Italy and abroad, with attention to the modification of the morphology of the territories and the integrity of the ecosystems and in particular of the glaciers .

( Barbara Martusciello )